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Susan Gerr

Susan Gerr

My work in clay, over the last 30 years, has been a steady development and unfolding of a personal and artistic evolution. It is an inward reflection to an outward expression meant to be shared.

What is most important to me is the feeling a piece of pottery expresses, through its form, color and energy. Strong experiences, places, patterns, intangible feelings and a love for the natural world, power my search for forms that combine contrasting elements of texture, glaze and form into strong, harmonious images and hopefully express a serene vitality.

Since 1985, Susan has owned and operated Birch Mountain Pottery, a combined studio, gallery and classroom in Tolland, CT.She offers the community a chance to catch a glimpse into a working pottery studio. She received her BFA in Ceramics from the University of Connecticut, Storrs.

Linda Huey

Linda Huey

Clay is my pathway into the natural world. Both my pottery and sculpture are inspired by an investigation of nature, in process and in form. Over the years, I have developed distinctly different bodies of work, yet one recurring theme has been the relationship of growth to decay, whether in cityscape or in natural imagery.

I maintain studios in rural Alfred, NY and in Boston, MA where I also teach workshops and have a studio gallery open by appointment.

Dot Burnworth

Dot Burnworth I am a mostly self-taught potter currently living in Northeast Connecticut. I have been throwing pots since 1994, when I took my first classes at The Arts Center in Carrboro, North Carolina and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Since then, I have studied under such names as Sally Resnick in Chatham County, NC and Jim Koudelka in Portland, OR, and been influenced by others such as Carolyn Judson in Bath, ME and Morty Bachar of Lakeside Pottery in Stamford, CT.

Since 2003, my energy has been devoted to Sawmill Pottery, my teaching studio and gallery in Putnam, CT.